Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

Overall it was a good Memorial Day even though I had to work last night and slept most of the morning. We went to our friends Nickey and Jordan's and let the kids play. I did actually take my camera but failed to take any pictures. It was nice to get together with them. I had my last night of work until after the baby. I had Ryan take my picture of me in the only scrubs I have that fit!

Don't I look happy, swollen, and tired???

So unofficially (because there are still almost 2 and a half hours left of May) we are not going to have a May baby. It makes me a little sad because how fun with that be? Have a birthday in every month for each kid from April to July?
I messed something up when I uploaded the pictures and I am too tired to fix it even though it's bugging me! Oh well I am going to bed!


Sunday, May 30, 2010

Kamryn is walking!

We practice with Kamryn every once in a while having her walk between us. We got it on camera. There was a better video but I was in it...and not even ready for the day, so that's definately not going on this blog. Here is the next best video showing her walking skills. Her longest stretch was 5 steps in a row!


Saturday, May 29, 2010


I decided today that I want to compare my ankles now to after I have the baby (when all the swelling is gone), to see how swollen they actually got! They never go down to the normal size so I will have to wait for a while after I have the baby. Today I measured them and they are an inch bigger than Ryan's! I also decided to take a few pictures so I can remember my cankles! I remember after having Kooper one night I looked down at my legs and only 1 ankle was super swollen and I was worried that there was something wrong with me. I then did some research and it is common even after pregnancy to have swelling in the legs and ankles. I feel like an old diabetic lady when I look down at my feet, sandals are looking and feeling tighter. Sometimes I am embarrassed at my cankles and feet but I live in flip flops. I don't really own normal shoes that actually cover your feet besides Nike's and even those are feeling a little snug. Plus they don't look so good with my 1 pair of capris that I wash every other day because they are the only comfortable pants that I can wear out of the house. I have worn out my maternity clothes. Most of them are so faded and worn that I practically need to throw them away! I got 1 new maternity item with this pregnancy and it was a shirt my mom bought me. I remember last year when I was pregnant with Kamryn buying 4 pairs of capris. Well 2 of them are so worn that I can't wear them anymore and the other ones besides the pair I wear all the time are white so usually after about an hour in them one of my kids or myself has spilt on them and I have to change anyway.

Don't make fun of my ugly feet. But you can make fun of the cankles....

I know, I know I need a pedicure BAD! It's on my to do list next week! The marks on my legs are from sitting on the cord to the laptop....and the indents are from the isn't as bad as pitting edema but the littlest pressure for longer than a few minutes leaves a mark! haha I am going to miss you cankles....NOT!

Friday, May 28, 2010

She said it!

So first thing this morning I had a doctors appointment and everything is looking good. I keep babies in so well that my doctor is positive that I won't go into labor before he gets back from vacation...I don't know maybe just because he said it, it will happen! Because the other day when he did the amniocentesis he bet me a Diet Pepsi that the lungs were mature...and guess what he lost. I forgot to mention that to him at my appointment today, so when he comes to catch the baby I will remind him! By the way when I go into labor or get induced whichever happens I am going to have a blog post that I will be updating to keep all my family and friends in the loop so i am not calling and texting a million people every time something changes. So if you want the up to date play by long as the internet is working I will be updating here on my blog. So for all you family out there this will be the first place to get don't go calling me asking for them because this is where you will be able to find them!

Today we went to the mall to walk around, I am proud of myself for not spending any money there (although I did spend a little at Old Navy before going to the mall). They had 50% off their clearance prices and I couldn't resist this cute white levi jacket for Kamryn at only 4 bucks and a couple other bargain items. Anyways I let the kids play in the play area and it was so cute, Kamryn saw a little girl about Kade's age playing with her little brother who was a little older than her. She was trying to get him to clap. Now when she sees someone else clapping or you tell her to clap her hands she does. So she just started clapping away with a huge grin on her face!

And the best part of the day today.....Kamryn is saying Mama! Melt my heart! When I give her attention for it Kade calls me Mama in a baby voice (which drives me bonkers) but it reminds me that I need to be proud of him for his moments too!


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bless your heart!

So since I have been noticeably pregnant I get lots of different comments and "looks". Some I have shared on my blog. Honestly I could probably write a book of all the comments and experiences I have had. Ryan thinks it gets complaining or talking about the things people say to me, but I think it will be a funny thing to look back on. Here are a couple from this past week.

As I was walking into Q-T to get my caffeine free diet coke with Kamryn on my hip and Kade in tow (me trying not to make eye contact because it usually makes people think that it's okay to make a comment or to tell me something) I hear, "Oh bless your heart!" I glance up and she is looking right at me with her window down. I give a nice little smile and continue on....

This one...maybe not so funny but actually really offended me.

With my job and working with patients I get asked alot especially since I am pregnant, "Is this your first?" I laugh and say, "No." It's almost always followed by the next question, "How many do you have?"

So the other night a seemingly sweet women is my patient and as I take her back to her room she asks me the questions above and by the time we get to her room I have answered her with the reply, "4" She then asks the ages. And I tell her the ages. She then says, "So you have 3 living children." Then as if it were straight out of a movie she puts her hand up to her chin and looks up at the ceiling with a very thoughtful look on her face and says to me, "Wouldn't it just be easier to say you have 3 children?" I am in shock. No one has ever said that to me. I have wondered if they thought it a couple times but I honestly never expected a complete stranger to say that to me. I replied back to her explaining that not mentioning him is like ignoring that he is my child, ignoring that he existed and not letting the world know that he is my baby. He matters to me. It makes me feel guilty. She told me that she was sure that Kooper didn't mind if I said 3 instead of 4. And I explained to her that I care. It matters to ME and it makes ME feel better to mention him. She then tells me she lost her first baby but never told people she had 6 children instead just saying 5. My thoughts...well maybe because it was taboo back then...times have changed. Many other mothers in my position proudly tell of their child that no one else got to know.

As I sit and think about it for others maybe it is more comfortable for them to not have to hear that I had a baby that died, but the fact of the matter is I do and I want people to know about him. I carried him for 9 months and I developed a bond with him. I have met many other Mother's of angels just by telling them that I do have 4 kids and it is a neat experience to know that you aren't alone. You aren't the only one. Even though you don't wish it upon yourself sometimes it feels like people don't really know.


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Keegan's not coming today!

I am home. It feels good to be home, although I would love to have Keegan in my arms, he still needs a little more time to develop those lungs. I guess I will have to wait...but I am being patient and I am kind of glad because I don't feel like I am completly ready for him to come. Although whenever he is ready is fine with me. I will see the doctor friday and we will see what he says. I am feeling so much better and glad to get whatever it was out of my system!


Labor & Delivery update

An update from the L&D. Kami was kept overnight to get fluids and to keep the baby on the monitor. She is feeling better this morning, but I just got word that the Dr. has not discharged her yet and is opting for an Amneo to check on the development of Keegan's lungs. If all is well and developed he may keep Kami today and induce her tonight (reality is starting to set in for me now).

Just got off the phone with Kami and the fluid was cloudy, which means Keegan is practicing his breathing skills. They will send the fluid to the lab to be completely analyzed. The decision to induce tonight should be coming in the next little bit.

I'll keep you posted.


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Labor & Delivery @ 10:50pm

So here I am making another guest appearance on The Blog, keeping the NY Resolution intact. Kami hasn't been feeling very well today (flu like symptoms), so being pregnant and all, we didn't want her getting dehydrated and causing pre-term labor... although I think we're both ready to welcome Keegan into the family (especially Kami)

Kami had a Dr's appointment today that we all got to go to (always fun with two kids), not sure how Kaim does it all alone sometimes. Baby Keegan is still measuring BIG. I think Kami was hoping their measurements would be off week-to-week, but it sounds like they consistently the same. I guess we're having another big baby. If measurements are correct and we do actually make it to 37 weeks, this should be a 9lbs or more. Geesh...I'm glad it's not me giving birth.

I suppose I should tend to my ailing wife. I hope you start feeling better hunny!!




Monday, May 24, 2010

Loves to Rock!

Ryan said that this weekend (his weekend) he would move the glider and set up the bassinet and move out the computer that died on us. Kamryn has been a cranky girl all day. I think her teeth have been bothering her. So I gave her some Tylenol and about a half hour later we went into the bedroom to see the progress of moving out some stuff to put the glider into place. Well I put Kamryn in the glider and started rocking her. She put her head down on the arm of the chair and just sat there and rocked for quite a while. She was so calm and peaceful. I thought I would take a few pictures. I am surprised when she saw the camera she didn't try and get out of the chair.

Loves her Daddy!


Sunday, May 23, 2010

Painted toenails!

So yesterday Kamryn got her toe nails painted for the first time! I just decided to do it. I put a light coat on them and let her sit and play with some things that she usually doesn't get to play with so she would be distracted from her toes. Then I tried to take pictures and they didn't turn on. So today I tried to take pictures and I got 1 blurry one and another dark one that you can actually see the toenail's a light orangish color. It is already wearing off her little toes, probably because of all the crawling and the really light coat....


Saturday, May 22, 2010

July 1, 2008

Today as I was looking through some of my scrapbook things I came across the last ultrasounds that I had done of Kooper before he was born. I remember the doctor ordered an ultrasound to see how big he was. I remember how cool it was that he wasn't hiding his face and he was letting us see all his emotions from calm and comfortable to a look like he was not too happy! I didn't ever scan them so this afternoon I spent some time getting them scanned into the computer so that I will have them forever! They were taken on July 1, 2008 only 10 days before I had him.

His left hand is up by his face in the ones above and below

This one actually shows his foot all the way up by the top of his head!

He doesn't look to happy!

With his mouth open and tongue out!

He looks so peaceful. He looked alot like this ultrasound picture at his viewing.

Pouty little lips!

Look at those chin and cheeks!

A cute profile along with a foot up by his head! Those are some chubby little cheeks!

I love you Kooper!


Friday, May 21, 2010

My Little Man

The other day when I asked Kade to please help me take the groceries in the house. He used his favorite excuse for EVERYTHING....My tummy hurts! So I let him be and began to carry in all the groceries by myself. Within seconds my little man appeared out the garage door to help. It was kind of cute how even though he really didn't want to do it, when he thought about it he really knew what the right thing to do was. Help his Mommy. Even though I can get so frustrated with him when he doesn't listen he is such a sweetheart and overall a good kid. It doesn't matter your age...from just weeks old to grandpas...he loves to play!

The other day I asked him how many kids he wants to have when he is grown up like his Dad. His reply, "Five of them!"


Thursday, May 20, 2010

Uneventful day...

It's been a very uneventful day besides my trip to Target where a lady in the baby section told me that I was on a roll and just keep popping them out! Then pointed out how I was lucky to have one of each and at least I got my girl. Little does she know I have been on a roll more than she thinks. She probably would have died if I told her before Kamryn that I had another one....I don't know why but I hate the comments. Even the good ones like the time I was in Fry's and some lady just started talking and telling me how great it is to have them so close she had 3 all a year apart one right after the other and loves it.

I think it's harder to go places with Kade and Kamryn than it would be to go with Kamryn and a baby. At least they are both stuck in the cart and can't go where they want to go and then I have to chase after them or yell to them to come back and look like the mean mom. Or have the stares from strangers with the thoughts written all over their faces about how I am such a horrible parent that can't control their kid.

Which reminds me of a thought I had today. What is it about today's society that makes us think everytime we go somewhere our kids deserve a toy or treat or prize? I have been guilty of this especially when Kade was the only child. But today at Target I heard a little boy whining to his Dad about how he really wanted this toy and blah blah blah. Then the Dad says, "I already bought you a video game today!" It could be his birthday but it just sounded like he only gets bought a toy just about every day, just not two in one day! I have gotten much better about buying Kade toys just because.

Wow that was all so random. I had no clue what the heck I was going to blog about and then I start rambling. Well I am off to bed and got my daily blogging in with 15 minutes to spare!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Kade's Preschool Graduation

Kade had his last day of preschool yesterday. I don't think he realizes that he won't be going back. He loves preschool and has had such a great time. Last night before his graduation I made a note to myself to GRAB THE CAMERA BEFORE I LEFT THE HOUSE. What did I forget? The camera... I am blaming it on my pregnant brain! So I got a few pictures with my crappy camera on my phone.

It was a cute little graduation and all the kids sang songs (except for another girl and Kade). I don't know if he was just shy or what. I have heard him sing the songs at home so I think he had a little bit of stage fright! I was so tired and lazy last night that I didn't make him change his clothes (notice all the girls in dresses and the boys in collared shirts? I also didn't want to fight him on his I let him do his own hair!

Here he is getting his award from his teachers!

All the kids

Showing off his medal!


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Long day, but lots of fun!

I am beyond tired! After getting a little sleep to make up from Sunday night on Monday and then going to bed late and waking up at 6am for my 7am doctors appointment I have wanted to go to bed since 5! But that wasn't happening and neither was an early bedtime for the kids because Kade had his last day of preschool today and his graduation tonight (which I will post about tomorrow).

Doctors appointment went well. Keegan is looking good. I got a few pictures of the ultrasound but they aren't very good...maybe I will post them later this week.

So a while back my friends Jenna and Nickey threw me a sprinkle and some girls from church weren't able to come so they wanted to have a little brunch. Well it was planned for today and it wasn't little to me. I thought there would be a couple people and little did I know quite a few people showed up and there were LOTS of kids! It was really nice to get together outside of church and of course eat yummy food! I am so thankful for such wonderful friends that I have met through church and hope to continue to get to know them all even better. Here are some pictures from the Brunch...warning I look pretty scary in all of them. At least none of the pictures show my canckles! Poor Kamryn was a trooper and stuck out with no nap until we got home around 1. The pictures are out of order but I am too tired to move them. Sorry!

All the girls wanted to help open presents...especially that box.

Ahlena and her baby Scout, Jaimie and her two girls Reece and Maci
Meghan and Scout

Christy and Holly

Anne and Heather and her baby Ammon

Jaime, Kallee, Jamie, and Christy

Me with delicious food in my mouth! haha
Thanks ladies for a wonderful time and for all the cute clothes and things for baby Keegan!