Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Kamryn’s first trip to the dentist!

Today the kids had dentist appointments. Kamryn was very good. She talked to the dental hygienist and didn’t hide her face and let her clean her teeth, floss, and put fluoride on and take some x-rays. She wasn’t too happy about the dentist look at her teeth though…she doesn’t like men…

Keegan screamed and I think he just needed a little more time to soak the place in and watch Kamryn and Kade go. I made them stop because I didn’t want him to have a negative experience. They held Kade down to do it when he was little and I am just getting him to be okay with going to the dentist. SO I am hoping next year he will be calm like Kamryn! Here is my big girl showing off her nice clean teeth!!



For Family Home Evening on Monday Ryan said, “we are going bowling!” So we got the kids and went to the new bowling alley here in Surprise. The kids LOVED it and they got to play in the arcade afterwards. Kade got the most strikes that night!

Daddy had to go over all the rules…Keegan was pretty good at following them…

IMG_3319 IMG_3287 IMG_3289 IMG_3290  521812_3429933367030_1738829768_nIMG_3299 IMG_3305  IMG_3310 IMG_3311

Baseball has started!

Kade is now in Coaches pitch and is having a great time! He came up with the team name, The Scorpions! He did great at hitting and had a lot of fun!

IMG_3279IMG_3281 IMG_3282  IMG_3284

Color Me Rad!

I signed up for my first 5k in hopes that it would be motivation to run…I was wrong. I didn’t train much. I had a lot of fun though and met my goal, I didn’t walk! It felt so good. Now I am signing up for another one and can’t wait. Kade really wanted to do it. So next year I told him he could. I am signing us up for another one on Thanksgiving day. So Kade is really excited for it! IMG_3274

Ready to RUN!

And after. I didn’t get a group picture of us but we were all covered. I’m not really sure how I’m going to wash my shoes?!


I am so thankful that my husband woke up early with me and brought my kids and Amanda to come watch me finish!

Halloween 2012

The week of Halloween we decorated pumpkins. Ryan carved a big on and the kids and I painted little ones.


On Halloween we went to pickup my cousin Amanda from the airport. On the way I stopped at work to drop off a few things and the kids were spoiled with some treats!


Keegan was a little distracted because I work by the airport and there were lots of planes landing and taking off. Once at the airport they wanted to get on an airplane so bad and kept asking for the next day to get on one.


Ready to Trick or Treat!

Even Amanda brought a costume! What a fun cousin! They had lots of fun with her and didn’t want her to leave! Hopefully she will move down here so we can see her more often!


October catch-up!

IMG_3241Last soccer game of the year!  Here is Kade and his team!


Ryan and I got a babysitter for Kamryn and Keegan and took Kade to Parent Teacher Conferences. After we made it a special date with us and went to Red Robin for dinner and then to a favorite frozen yogurt place. Can you tell which one is Kade’s?? Then during spirit week for decade day this is how Kade dressed. Anyone guess which decade?

IMG_3203 IMG_3220

Mr. Keegan causes lots of trouble. I guess since he was such a good baby I thought I would have a good toddler?? I went to see what him and Kamryn were up too and found him in the dryer with Kamryn ready to shut the door! He is a runner and has NO fear. Well except for the dentist today. He thinks he is a big kid and can ride Kade’s razor scooter pretty well for a 2 year old!


Kamryn showing off her Digi tattoo!

 IMG_3225    IMG_3221

We went to see Kooper last month and took him a few Halloween decorations. I didn’t realize how bad his flowers were going to be. I will have to take some new ones soon! We always take some cleaner and clean off his headstone. Miss our Kooper!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Trunk or Treat

Our ward had a trunk or treat a week and a half before Halloween. The kids had so much fun!IMG_3191 

   IMG_3192 IMG_3194 IMG_3186

Keegan didn’t want to be Buzz so we were able to get him to be a cowboy instead! IMG_3198IMG_3175While we were getting ready Kamryn was being silly and I love this pic of her!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Challenger Space Center

Ryan work for Cox Communications (it’s a cable company). Earlier this month they had a employee event at the Challenger Space Center. They have done it in years past, but we haven't been for a few years. The kids had a blast!

 IMG_3136 IMG_3134 IMG_3138

They had hot dogs and brawts for dinner. Then inside they got to meet a Digi! And do all sorts of space things!

IMG_3140IMG_3145 IMG_3147 IMG_3142  IMG_3141 IMG_3146 IMG_3144