Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Kamryn’s first trip to the dentist!

Today the kids had dentist appointments. Kamryn was very good. She talked to the dental hygienist and didn’t hide her face and let her clean her teeth, floss, and put fluoride on and take some x-rays. She wasn’t too happy about the dentist look at her teeth though…she doesn’t like men…

Keegan screamed and I think he just needed a little more time to soak the place in and watch Kamryn and Kade go. I made them stop because I didn’t want him to have a negative experience. They held Kade down to do it when he was little and I am just getting him to be okay with going to the dentist. SO I am hoping next year he will be calm like Kamryn! Here is my big girl showing off her nice clean teeth!!


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