Wednesday, November 7, 2012

October catch-up!

IMG_3241Last soccer game of the year!  Here is Kade and his team!


Ryan and I got a babysitter for Kamryn and Keegan and took Kade to Parent Teacher Conferences. After we made it a special date with us and went to Red Robin for dinner and then to a favorite frozen yogurt place. Can you tell which one is Kade’s?? Then during spirit week for decade day this is how Kade dressed. Anyone guess which decade?

IMG_3203 IMG_3220

Mr. Keegan causes lots of trouble. I guess since he was such a good baby I thought I would have a good toddler?? I went to see what him and Kamryn were up too and found him in the dryer with Kamryn ready to shut the door! He is a runner and has NO fear. Well except for the dentist today. He thinks he is a big kid and can ride Kade’s razor scooter pretty well for a 2 year old!


Kamryn showing off her Digi tattoo!

 IMG_3225    IMG_3221

We went to see Kooper last month and took him a few Halloween decorations. I didn’t realize how bad his flowers were going to be. I will have to take some new ones soon! We always take some cleaner and clean off his headstone. Miss our Kooper!

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