Sunday, November 30, 2014

November Recap

Keegan started T-ball for the first time and Ryan and I coached! I was more of the assistant coach and luckily parents helped us keep ten 4 year old boys in line!

Keegan loves to bat and can hit the ball hard. He isn't too fond of outfield though! 

I get ultrasounds twice a week to check on Kylee. She is always looking good! Today she gave us a little smile!

While organizing the closet I found a baby scorpion! Yikes! Luckily my scorpion spray killed it!  Needless to say we called our bug guy ASAP!

Made this cute piece to put on a headband for Kamryn to wear on TURKEY DAY!

Kade got to hold my friend Nicholette's little sweetie Lacy! He can't wait to have a baby around!

Keegan got his kindergarten shots and didn't even cry! He was super strong! I took him to get a special toy afterwards. He fell asleep on the couch playing with them.

We went to a farmers market and Kamryn fell in love with a notepad and colored pencil holder. The price seemed high so I told her I would make her one. Well i went and found a pattern on pinterest and spent most of my day making this! Probably would have been their price with how long it took me to make!

Keegan's T-ball Team!

Ryan did Movember and didn't shave all month! All the older ladies at his work loved it! So did Kamryn. when he shaved it off she asked him to grow it back!

Kamryn holding baby Lacy! We watched our friends kids while they went on a date! The kids had a blast!

Keegan throwing some gang signs! 

Kade at his schools turkey trot.

We had our friends the Dunn's over for Thanksgiving this year. Here is the kids table. And you can see in the background that I do have my Christmas decorations up....I wanted everything done early just in case Kylee decided to come early. I didn't want to be putting up decorations and Christmas shopping with a newborn!

I bought a puzzle at Costco to do on Thanksgiving. I love puzzles and basically wouldn't let anyone touch it. it was done that night! It's of Waikiki beach. Brought back memories of our 10 year anniversary!
The next day (Black Friday) we made our biggest black Friday purchase EVER!