Thursday, June 28, 2012

Mickey Mouse Party!

For Kamryn’s 3rd and Keegan’s 2nd birthday I decided to do a joint little party with some friends. Their birthdays are only 10 days apart so I thought it would be a great idea.

We had a Mickey Mouse Party theme!

IMG_1938   IMG_1931 IMG_1932 IMG_1929IMG_1937

Keegan loves baby Sadie!

IMG_1933 IMG_1936 IMG_1930 

Piñata time! Dad controlled the piñata while I tried to control the kids so that no one got whacked!! I made sure to put a bow and eyelashes on the other side of the Mickey piñata so we had Minnie too!

IMG_1939 IMG_1941  IMG_1951
Then it was time for cake!

 IMG_1952 IMG_1995   IMG_1996

Then it was time for some presents! I don’t have very many of Kamryn opening hers because that was Ryan’s job and the pictures are on his phone. I will have to add them later.

IMG_1962IMG_1967  IMG_1978IMG_1980

She loves this hair set! She wants to do my hair all the time! IMG_1977Kamryn and SJ! Only a few more years girls and we will be making a trip to the American Girl store in CA for your birthdays!      IMG_1975Last but not least my favorite part about birthday parties when I was a kid, the Party Favors! IMG_1998To end our day each of the kids released a balloon to Kooper! We miss you and wished you were here! People comment about how I have Irish twins, I actually have Irish triplets! 

Peter Piper Pizza

We went to Peter Piper Pizza for a friends birthday party and the kids had a lot of fun! We hardly saw Kade because he was off playing games. Kamryn and Keegan had fun too!

 IMG_1875  IMG_1880IMG_1878 IMG_1883

With out tickets each of the kids got a prize, Kamryn was so happy to have a crown!

Keegan turns 2!

On June 7th my baby turned 2! It’s crazy that my youngest is getting so big! Makes me sad a little bit. He is such a brave silly little boy. He learns so much from Kade and Kamryn that sometimes it worries me because he thinks he is a big boy! Today I was standing in the way and he said, “Watch out Mommy!” He is a stubborn little boy and likes to think he is the boss!

     IMG_1786 IMG_1789IMG_1797

Ryan’s car was in the shop so he had the car on Keegan’s birthday so we started are day off with some sprinklers in the back yard! This happened to be the day I put Kade’s bike in the back yard so he could teach himself to ride it. For a long time we have tried to help Kade learn to ride his bike and he was too scared. I mentioned to Ryan that I bet if we put it in the back yard that he would eventually try and get it. Well I put it back there and Kade complained he didn’t want it back there. And minutes later he was trying to ride it. I had to tell him how to start with one pedal higher and not to be pushing backwards because that’s the break and within less than 15 minutes he was riding it! Yay Kade! Now when people ask him who taught him to ride his bike I am a little proud that he can say, “My Mom!”

IMG_1798     IMG_1802It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to! I can’t even remember what he was having a tantrum over…


Then we got Wendy’s and took it to the park by our house to let the kids play and to let Kade show off his new skill to Dad! Doesn’t Keegan look bossy here?!


Attempting a high five while riding his bike, probably not the best idea when you just started. He missed but at least he didn’t crash!

Time for baths and then presents! They kept their shirts off so when we had cake they wouldn’t get their PJ’s dirty!


He loves this shirt when we said it at Target so to see him so happy and holding it up cracked me up. Daddy' had to show it off too!IMG_1829 IMG_1834IMG_1741IMG_1840 IMG_1845

Ryan said that Kamryn takes after me with her hands on her hips pose, (I think it’s just a girl thing!)    

Don’t forget the cake! I decided to make one since Kamryn and Keegan were going to have a joint birthday party with some friends on June 16th.

IMG_1856IMG_1854 IMG_1857 IMG_1864IMG_1868IMG_1861IMG_1863

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Roller Skating

Ryan’s Mom loves to Roller Skate so a roller rink not too far from us was having a Memorial Day special so we went roller skating.

  IMG_8240 IMG_8241  IMG_8244 IMG_1643 IMG_8261 IMG_8266  IMG_8262IMG_8245 IMG_8274