Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Random Vacation pics!

Kylee got her first feel of some soft grass on her piggies!!! She loved it!

Maleaha slept over at Grandma's with us and in the morning when I did the girls hair we played a trick on my sister Ashley and told her that Kamryn and Maleaha got a hold of the scissors and chopped their hair off! 

Psych!!!! They didn't! They had so much fun playing together!

Kylee and Grandpa Tim

Kylee and Grandma Keren.

We were able to meet Grandpa Ron and Grandma Tammy for dinner one night but due to Grandma Tammy not feeling well we didn't get to meet up with them again before we went back to Arizona.

We did some crafts on the rainy days! 

One of my finished crafts!

Kamryn and Maleaha being crazy in the car while we were waiting for someone in a store. Don't worry I didn't drive without their seat belts on!

Sweet Kylee slept soooo good on the memory foam bed, so did Ryan and I!

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