Sunday, April 19, 2009

Baby GIRL Shower!

So I still have a hard time believing that I am actually having a girl. It seems so surreal to me. I thought I would be blessed with ALL boys. I am so happy to be having a girl. Jenna spilled the beans at my baby shower that even before I was pregnant with Kade, I had girl onsies and bibs that I bought at Ross!
I am so thankful for Jenna for putting together the baby shower and for everyone else who helped with some of the other details, My Mom Keren, sister Ashley, friend Nickey and Jenna's Mom Gail. Everything turned out so perfect!

Jenna came up with some fun games! My favorite was Pin the bow on Kamryn!

My bow is the one right under her chin!

The other games we played I don't know what they are called but this is how they were played:
One game (which I won) was where you have 10 seconds to feel inside a bag. Inside the bag are a bunch of baby items. Then after your 10 seconds is up you have to write down all the items you felt. You may think oh I will just write down a bunch of baby items to win, but if you write wrong items you lose points.

Then we played a game where you had to cut out different features of babies in magazines and put them together to make a baby that you think will look like Kamryn. I picked my favorite on as the winner.

The last game we played was a list of traits. Before the shower Ryan and I picked which trait we want Kamryn to get from either him or I. Then everyone guessed what Ryan and I would have picked and whoever matched our answers the closest won.

Jenna came up with a great idea for a tie-breaker. We didn't need to or get to use it. But after everyone left Nickey, Jenna and I had a drink off....with baby bottles! We finished maybe half before giving up. I don't know how babies drink bottles....that's hard work!

Me, Jenna, and Nickey

The food was DELICIOUS! My mom made this awesome recipe for strawberry shortcake, Gail made these cute and yummy cupcakes, and we had some fruits, veggies and some chips and dip provided by my wonderful friends Jenna and Nickey. I am so thankful for everyone who came! It was so fun to see everybody. Some people I hadn't seen in quite a while and it was a good excuse to get together! Nothing better than a party full of GIRLS! I must say Kamryn is going to be one very well dressed girl!

Here are the party favors I made for everyone.

I should have never let Kade watch the movie Little Rascals...because when I wasn't looking he put on this....

What a great blackmail picture!!!!

And here I am at 28 weeks pregnant. This is at the end of the night and after a long week with VERY LITTLE sleep! Do I look tired to you?

For pictures of the baby shower click here, there are way too many to post on here!


Young Family said...

So fun. I love the tutu!

Lori said...

It's looks like you had a lot of fun! Sorry I missed, I hate a hot date;) I do have a gift for you. I'll have to bring it over soon. Lori

p.s. you look fabulous. We will have to do pictures soon!

dunnfamily2 said...

it was a lot of fun and the best part of the whole thing was seeing you so excited about your little girl on the way. you're right, she will be well dressed and she is going to be smothered in're right about something else too, those baby bottles were so hard to drink from! my cheeks were going numb.

enderwiggn said...

Yay for baby girls! Its gonna be so fun. I really liked this shower...After all practice makes perfect! :) Your clothes are so cute. I cant wait for Kamryn and SaraJane to hangout!