Thursday, April 30, 2009

Update on the Perry's

It's been almost a week since my last post. Not a whole lot of change has been going on here besides I am getting bigger!

Actually Ryan has worked very hard on Kamryn's nursery! We are done with the hard stuff! While my parents were visiting Ryan got started on the bead board with the help of my Dad and was able to finish up the painting of the walls on Tuesday. I will post pictures soon I promise. I just don't want to post them until everything is done. There isn't anything hung on the walls yet and I am still trying to decided between 2 different curtains. I still can't make up my mind and Ryan and I disagree. I still want to go get letters to hang her name above the crib, but I am such a pessimist. I am scared to buy them. I remember with Kooper we didn't hang his name up until a week or so before we had him.

As I put all the fun girlie things in her dresser and hung them in her closet I started to get a little anxiety, well I guess more than a little especially as I put the crib bedding up and as we finished the room. Even as I set up her room and pulled tags off things, that meant I couldn't return it if I needed to. I have kept every receipt from every piece of clothing. (I am pretty good at doing that anyway) But honestly I am scared to death! People say lightening doesn't strike twice, but I have heard the stories where it does. I just don't know if I could handle losing another baby. I think I am pretty strong. Others that don't have the faith that I do probably think that I moved on too quickly although I feel the pain and sadness every day that I don't get to spend with Kooper. I just have something so wonderful to look forward to. I get the looks when I tell people about Kooper and then being pregnant so soon after. They don't understand. They think I should be curled in a ball hiding in a closet feeling sorry for myself. But I know that I will be with him again and that there will be much more happiness at that time than I could have ever imagined. I look forward to meeting him again. It helps me get through my day.

On Tuesday I had my doctor's appointment. Come to find out I no longer need a full bladder for ultrasounds now that I am this far along and I was told that after a very long 2 hour wait. Yes my appointment was at 11:30. I drank a bunch of water at 11. Then the doctor was rushed because he was needed in surgery so they rushed his patients to see him and then ultrasound was backed up so I had my ultrasound at 1:15. I was ready to go up to the desk and tell them that they better see me soon or there would be a mess to clean up and a very embarrassed and upset pregnant women! They finally called my name and I told the tech that I was going to pee my pants. That's when she revealed that I no longer needed a full bladder. Everything looks really good. She is measuring a little bigger still which I am fine with considering I will be induced early. Last Monday night I started feeling alot of kicking at the top of my tummy and thought to myself I bet she finally flipped head down. She has been transverse for a while now and come to find out she is head down. She still is in hiding though. Again we did not get any good shots of her face!

I can tell she is growing too, I went to put on some scrubs that have been snug but fit fine, when I put them on they were so tight, if they had buttons down the front they probably would have looked like they were going to pop! So I need to go get some bigger scrubs.

As for Kade, he is full of excitement for everything. He had a horrible day on Saturday. He was sitting on the tile while I made Ryan a cheesecake for his birthday and when I went to get the beaters out the cord swung around and then the plug hit him right by his eye leaving a little mark. Then about a half hour later while taking a little bike ride to get the mail he went to turn a corner and the sidewalk dips a little and he fell. He face planted into the road and got a scraped up nose and lip and then when he realized his nose was bleeding he started to cry like a baby flipping out!

Just hours later we were at Desert Ridge Marketplace to have dinner with friends at California Pizza Kitchen. After Ryan arrived Kade got a little wild and excited and decided to hang on the table almost pulling our food off along with the drink that spilled and shattered. We just happened to have some older folks next to us who asked to be moved! I guess they didn't want to relive the moments from their parenting years.

Other than that though Kade is really excited to meet his little sister. He saw a newborn baby girl and said that's like baby Kamryn. He loves to see my belly wiggle when she kicks and then pulls his shirt up and makes his tummy move and telling me that Baby Kade kicked him.

The best part about Saturday was when I got to hold SaraJane (For those of you who don't know she was born a week before Kooper and is friend Jenns'a baby). Anyhow I was holding her as I walked out of CPK and to see the looks on the other female customers faces as I walked by. Some smiled with sympathy in their eyes and I even turned a few heads. I had a huge smile on my face and was laughing out loud inside. I was probably the next topic of conversation at the all girl tables. It is crazy to think that I would have a 9 month old and be this pregnant!

I get asked alot when I am due and when I reveal the date everyone is so surprised and thinks I am soooo big or whatever. Honestly I don't care but one of these days someone is going to get it! I also think some people don't realize how big you really do get when you are full-term because I feel big sometimes but I look at picture of me right before I had Kooper and I still have a little ways to go! Also if you consider 9 months ago I was a full-term pregnant women...and now I am almost 8 months pregnant....anyone who thinks I am too big can BITE me!

Okay I am done with this LONG post. I am mostly writing it for journal purposes but for those of you bored enough to read it. Congratulations, you made it to the end!


Young Family said...

I'm never bored reading your post.

When I was pregnant with Parker I had ultrasounds ever 2-4 weeks the whole pregnancy. The high risk doctor and ultrasound tech did them. They told me you never have to have a full bladder. The old machines didn't work as well as the new ones and that you used to have to but not anymore. So I never had to be that uncomfortble.

I can't wait to see pictures of the nursery.

I think it is okay to be nervous. I was untill I held Parker in my arms. When I was laying on the table for my c-section I prayed and prayed I would hear him cry. When I did, I couldn't control the tears.

Anonymous said...

I want to see the nursery soooooooo bad. I wanted bead board so much with SaraJane....But I am glad little Kamyrn will get it. So when are we getting together to do BOWS etc....Miss you!

Jenna :)

Natalie.Rob.Branson said...

We will keep you and your family in our prayers as you get closer to delivering this new little girl. As I go on this journey of being pregnant after Branson, I am starting to relate to a lot of those emotions you've shared. It's been nice for me to be able to read about. I am only 14 weeks, and I already look pretty big too. I imagine when I am 8 months that people will probably react to me the way they are reacting to you said, they just don't get it sometimes.
I can't wait to see pics of the nursery!