Saturday, October 29, 2011

Trunk or Treat

Our ward had a Halloween party at  the church last night. Kade has been looking forward to Friday ever since they announced it in Primary. Here are a few pictures before the Trunk or Treat. Surprisingly Kamryn wore here hair during part of it.

Here is a dress rehearsal for Kamryn with her wig. I got the idea from here. I did do some things differently like braids within braids and I used hot glue to glue the yarn onto the panty hose.

 P1060625This girl doesn’t like to have her picture taken very much. Can you tell? She is always scowling! P1060630 P1060633Originally Kamryn didn’t want to wear her dress when it was time to get ready. She wanted to wear her shorts and cowgirl boots. Luckily Kade talked her into wearing her princess shoes! What a nice brother! P1060634 P1060641 P1060642          Kade making is mustache fall off…and making his sister smile! What a comedian! P1060644 P1060645 P1060650

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