Wednesday, October 19, 2011


So a few weeks ago Ryan somehow ended up with my car key in his pocket and had gone to work. I didn’t realize it until 10 minutes before I was supposed to get Kade from school. I called a few people and by then it’s too late because they don’t let you call the school and tell them someone else is picking them up you have to have a note. So I called the school and told them what happened and that I was going to have to walk to pick him up and I would be late. I was in such a hurry I didn’t bother putting on running shoes. I had on some very flat flip flops with no support!  When I got there no one told Kade why I was late or that I was on my way. He didn’t express any worry at that time until today as we drove off from his school he said, “Look, those kids moms forgot to pick them up!” So I started to ask Kade how he felt when I wasn’t able to get to him in time and no one told him. He said, “ I was a little upset.” I told him I was sorry and he said, “That's okay, Daddy shouldn’t have taken your key.”  I just had parent teacher conference with his teacher and he is doing so well. His behavior is much improved and he is doing great in all his school work. He amazes me all the time when I see the new things he is learning in math and reading especially. I am proud of him. Apparently he has a crush on his teacher from Kindergarten because his first grade teacher overheard him telling someone else that he had a hot kindergarten teacher, especially when her hair was straight (she has curly hair).  He is nice to everyone and likes to be friends with everyone. Also on Saturday I caught him writing a love note to a girl in his class, Olivia. He is a funny kid!

P1060520      Here is my handsome boy all ready for church, just prior to spilling chocolate milk down it and me not noticing or him telling me until we were already there!

This little princess is such a silly girl. She has voices. She has her normal voice, her princess voice (a high pitched but soft voice) and her mean scary voice. I love it. She will do it on demand if she isn’t being shy. I call her Daddy the Kamryn Whisperer because he can put her to bed without the 45 minutes of screaming. He has tried to show me his magic….and I have defeated with it until today at nap time. She did awesome! He just spends a little extra time laying by her and telling her that she is going to stay in her bed and go to sleep and tuck her in. So I thought I would be good for tonight and it was going to work and I failed! So I let her cry by the door and it only lasted a couple minutes and then she decided to cry in her bed for a couple minutes and now…she is fast asleep.P1060519       This was Kamryn Saturday after Kade’s flag football game. I was getting ready to put her in bed for a nap and I found her sitting next to Kade on the couch passed out. I don’t  remember the last time she fell asleep when she wasn’t in her carseat or a bed.

Keegan: Is climning onto everything. This is where I found him today…apparently he also has learned how to lock doors.

 P1060534 P1060528 Thor 

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