Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving Day


I put sponge curlers in Kamryns hair. The curls didn’t last long though! Darn!


The Dunn family invited us over for Thanksgiving this year. The kids had a blast playing in the sandbox in their backyard. They enjoyed the delicious dinner too and then lots more playing!

  thanksgiving1The kids table.

 thanksgiving2Kade with a mouth full of food! thanksgiving3Keegan had his Lion’s jersey on…too bad they lost! Sorry hunny! He sure did LOVE my Jell-O, that’s almost the only thing he ate. All the kids are just like there mom and don’t like mashed potatoes. I thought at least one of them would. thanksgiving4Dylan and Kamryn


We realized we didn’t have any pictures of us from Thanksgiving so on our drive home I snapped a picture…haha notice Ryan is such a great driver he didn’t take his eyes off the road!

  IMG_0073Then I got to do what I love most about Thanksgiving (since I am not a huge fan of traditional Thanksgiving food) SHOP! I love black Friday shopping. It’s fun, especially when you get to go with friends! I got a bunch of shopping done and got some great deals too!

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