Friday, December 2, 2011

The Last Straw

I have a drawer in the changing table/dresser that is in Keegan’s room that still holds some of Kooper’s things because I don’t have anywhere else to put them. I want to get a chest but still haven’t. I will someday when I find one I like. Anyhow my friend Jenna and I made piggy banks for Kooper and SaraJane while we were pregnant with them. They turned out so cute! Well I really don't want it to get broken so I had it sitting up on top of the dresser and over time clothes got piled up on the dresser and as I was FINALLY getting around to putting them away I saw the piggy bank and it made me miss my baby so much. I was longing for him. It matched his room perfectly.


Side note; Because I am superstitious I have never been able to buy Kamryn or Keegan a piggy bank before they were born. I did buy Kade one before he was born but it took me over a year to buy Kamryn one, and Keegan still doesn’t have one! I mean to buy him one but I just never think of it until I am out of a store or when I do they don’t have any I like.

Always around the holidays you miss the ones you love most. Although It is such a happy time with Christmas spirit filling the air. When your loved ones have passed on, it feels like someone is missing. I know and I feel that they are here in spirit during those special time or times that you really need them, but it would be so much better if they were physically here! I am used to not seeing my Grandma Alder very often since we live so far away but I am thinking about the cards she would send and the Thank you notes and how she was always so sweet in them and I am going to miss that this year. I am going to miss her when we visit my Grandpa.

So with all these emotions whirling around me, last night as I found a book to read to Kade before he went to bed I came across a book we received one year for Christmas, The Last Straw by Paula Palangi McDonald. It is a great story about a family with 4 kids that can’t seem to stop fighting and being mean to each other so the Mom finds a way for the kids to be nice and serve one another and fill their home with Christmas Spirit. As I read the last page to Kade (You will have to read it to truly know why my heart melted) I started to cry as I read it aloud to him. My heart was warmed and I only hope that my kids will grow to show the same love to their siblings even though at times they really don’t like each other. Kade was somewhat concerned as to why in the world I was crying. I tried to explain, but only a Mother would know!


I miss my baby a lot. This time of year especially reminds me of how much I wish he were here, more than usual anyway. But it helps that this special season reminds me of God’s love for us and for the miracle that he sent to this earth so that the ultimate sacrifice could be made. What a wonderful time of year it is, especially to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas and to find the Christmas spirit within our hearts and share it with everyone, not just our family.

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