Sunday, December 11, 2011


IMG_0229I have heard all about this Elf on the Shelf CRAZE and I knew that this could really help me have more sanity because kids always seem to get crazier around the holidays with all the excitement and probably sugar! Kade has been pushing me to the limit! I told him about this Elf that Santa could send to peoples houses to help keep track of who was naughty and who was nice. Right then and there Kade said he would never want one of those EVER! So when he would have his meltdowns and talk back I would threaten to ask Santa to send us an Elf. Well by Friday night I had it with all of his little tantrums and decided it was time. Luckily the cartoon was on TV again so I made sure to record it and Saturday morning I excitedly asked Kade if he wanted to watch a Christmas cartoon. Of course he wanted to and he enjoyed it. Little did he know that an Elf would soon visit him! I was so lucky and when i called Santa he said he had just one more on the shelf! Kade went to T-ball and when he got back home he found a package under the tree with a book in it…and an Elf sitting in the tree. He was in denial and wasn’t very happy about this Elf. We read the book and the kids loved it. Kade kept telling me, “He’s plastic mom! He’s a fake!” I reminded him that he got his magic after we named him and that he won’t show us he is real because it is Santa’s Law. He kept saying, “This Elf is REALLY freaking me out!” So he finally decided on a name. Chimian. Not sure where he got it! Hopefully he does his job. So far he has a helped a little! I really don’t think Kamryn completely gets  it, because I don't think she remembers what happens on Christmas morning. I think next year Chimian will be my BEST FRIEND though, especially while dealing with her!

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