Sunday, December 11, 2011

Busy Day!

We had a great day Saturday. At the spur of the moment we decided to meet the Burningham’s at Encanto Park.

One of the favorite rides of the day…Sumner, some random kid, Kade and SaraJane (Kamryn was on there somewhere).IMG_0161  IMG_0165 IMG_0166 IMG_0169RD, Jenna, and Sadie on the train. IMG_0170 IMG_0172This is a time when Keegan was the happiest on this ride…he loves to be thrown in the air but spin him in circles and he is not so sure about it! IMG_0173SaraJane and Kamryn IMG_0179   Sorry there are so many with Kamryn on the roller coaster. She is her mother’s daughter. I LOVE ROLLER COASTERS! She is a timid shy little girl, but a daring little girl! She went on that so many times and loved it! IMG_0184 IMG_0187 IMG_0189Kade enjoyed the motor bumper boats a lot…and seeing his girlfriend. Before we went to meet them he was sooo excited to see his girlfriend! Oh boy!



We went to dinner at Red Robin and then went over to the Mesa LDS Temple to see the Temple lights.IMG_0207IMG_0233                                  My handsome hubby and Keegan!

IMG_0209     Kamryn loved the Star at the Nativity scene.  IMG_0223                                 Our Family

 IMG_0204The Burninghams


It was such a fun day but really wore everyone out!    

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dunnfamily2 said...

what fun day! we took the kids to encanto this year and they loved it. wish we could've come with. next time! :)