Sunday, December 4, 2011

Love Saturdays!

We had a great day yesterday. It is starting to really cool down. Kade had a t-ball game.

   IMG_0119   Keegan always wants to go out on the field and play! He can’t wait until he is old enough. IMG_0120 IMG_0122  IMG_0116      Daddy and Kamryn waiting in line for some hot chocolate!  IMG_0124       Kade just got a great hit!  Below is a video of him at his game earlier this week. He likes to slide at EVERY base!

Then later we went and put up Kooper’s tree at the Cemetery.IMG_0126IMG_0127

Later that night we had some fun with M&M’s. Kamryn understood what to do but could care less about completing the wreath, she just wanted to eat them!


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