Monday, November 14, 2011

Christmas Tree Skirt

I have been without a tree skirt for Kooper’s tree for a few years. The first year I used a white sheet around it. Then last year I didn’t use anything. This year I found a great tutorial on a ruffled tree skirt and I loved the look, so I might even make another one for my big tree! My sister and Mom wanted to know how I did it so i thought I would post it on my blog. Here is the link to the tutorial: Ruffled Tree Skirt

P1060736I just got an old sheet out of my closet and traced my current tree skirt with a magic marker and then cut it out. It was a very thin sheet and I worried it wouldn’t be a think enough material but it worked out great.

Then I have some white sheets that I had laying around from a bed that we no longer have in that size and I cute 3 inch strips. I found a sponge that was 3 inches long and used that as I cut so I had a visual. My lines weren't straight but once you put it on you can’t really tell.

I left the edges raw, so they will fray a little. I think it gives it a vintagey look if that’s a word…

So I did mine a little differently. I decided to do straight stick (I did mine by hand) which helped it stay synched. 

I did a ruffle all the way to the top and hot glued the top of the ruffle to the back of the sheet so you can’t see the synches.

I also didn’t do ribbon to tie bows. I am just going to lay it down the way I want it.

Can’t think of any other tips, if you have any questions for when you make yours leave a message or e-mail me.

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Christy said...

I love, love it! So pretty!