Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Potty Time!

So last night before I went to work Kamryn ripped of her diaper and started running around. I chased her around trying to get the diaper back on her. She really doesn't like diapers but when I tell her, "Okay, if you don't want to wear a diaper then you have to go potty in the toilet." She lets me put the diaper on her. So today when I threatened her with having to go potty on the toilet she said, "Ok" like it was no big deal and she does it everyday. So we walked to the bathroom and she sat down on the toilet. She had a drink, brushed her teeth, read a book and talked to me as I fixed my hair. I kept asking if she had peed yet, still nothing. Then all of a sudden I smell something....I thought, Nice she is farting...then I look in the toilet and to my surprise she pooped! We applauded her and she got a cookie. She was so happy and proud of herself. I made her sit back down and try and pee but it was then time for me to go to work so that was enough for the day. I wish I had the week off work to really work with her on her potty skills since she is finally showing more interest. Later this month I have almost a  whole week off that I was planning on being "potty training week" Hopefully she is still willing to try by then. I am considering trying to get Keegan potty trained that week too!. Is that torture or should I just wait? We will see I guess. Wouldn't that be nice to not have to buy diapers anymore???!


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Courtney said...

Good luck! I have found that all you need is 3 days!!