Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Christmas in Utah

We had a great time in Utah. The only thing missing was SNOW! It didn’t snow but a skiff on one of the first days we got there. And then it rained and melted the crusted snow that wasn’t even soft enough to play in. Oh well we had so much fun visiting with our family that the snow didn’t really matter after all!   IMG_0263Keegan cuddling with Grandma Keren and CJ in his little Christmas sweater! IMG_0265They sure love Grandpa, he gives them all kinds of treats and does power slams onto the bed. IMG_0327                                      We even saw some deer while we were there!

 IMG_0269Christmas Eve my Mom made some Yummy soup that Ryan thinks I need to learn how to make. I told my mom that she should just make a couple batches when she visits and then I can freeze it so I don’t have to learn to make it….can you tell i love to cook?  Above Kamryn and Daddy playing games on the iphone and itouch.IMG_0271Santa had to move all the presents into the living room so there would be room for his presents for all the kids. Notice the tree missing some lights. I am pretty sure that the lights partiallen went out when Keegan knocked over the tree! Christmas morning my Dad woke us up at 7am. When I was growing up It was the opposite. We were waking him up at 4am!

Some of the kids presents minus all their clothes. They sure enjoyed them all!

IMG_0272   IMG_0307IMG_0270IMG_0306IMG_0273IMG_0308

  IMG_0286 IMG_0288  IMG_0294 IMG_0295IMG_0297The look on his face is so cute, I wish I would have got a better shot. I forgot to get a picture of it, but he got the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse with all the characters. He was pretty impressed since it is his favorite show to watch.

After opening presents and having breakfast we went to church. Ryan ended up catching some sort of 24 hour Flu bug so after Church he disappeared for the rest of the night. Meanwhile the kids had fun playing with their new toys.


When we werent sure where Keegan had snuck of too he was either climbing down the stairs to go play in the basement with the toys or in Daion’s room playing cars. He woudl just line them up.

On Christmas Day I found him in the bathroom…..IMG_0369   IMG_0321He loved playing with Maleaha, it was like having a little sister to pick on!  Of course little sisters always get you back!    IMG_0318IMG_0305Here is Kamryn’s dollhouse all put together with the room sets she got for Christmas. I think I had more fun with it then she did! She still loves to play with it and so does her brothers. And of course there is hardly ever any furniture in the house. It’s usually on her floor.

 IMG_0322This picture is blurry, but I had to share it. Keegan was trying to actually get both his feet inside the mini van that goes to the dollhouse. He did get them both in at one point and then fell down crying.

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