Sunday, December 5, 2010

Keegan loves apples!

So I have given Keegan rice cereal a few times and he doesn't like last week I tried apples and he wasn't too interested so last night I tried them again and he loved them! I think I waited the longest time to feed Keegan baby food than I have my other kids. I think it is mostly because I feel like I am rushed and don't have time to do anything and feeding a baby is time consuming.  Dinner time is going to start taking a little longer than usual. 

Ryan had to have this shot! It took him a few times to get the mouth open shot!

At one point he ripped the spoon out of my hand he loved them so much!


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Shandi said...

Grabbing the spoon must be the thing to do. Jordan does that too, it can get so messy!

Remember when we were little we always said we were going to have a baby at the same time? Its crazy how close in age Jordan & Keegan are after all that's happened.