Thursday, December 9, 2010

Short night, long day!

Last night went by way to fast. For one I stayed up WAY late and then on top of it Keegan was up quite a bit.  He isn't used to me feeding him bottles and not being able to hold him close. I am trying to dry my milk out and it is super painful, just holding them hurts so I feel bad as a mom that I am not able to hold my kids how I would like to for now.  Keegan seems to do much better with formula as far as spitting up goes and he is teething so I decided that we are done with nursing.  It is easier to nurse I must say. No bottles to wash, no wasted formula, no worrying that you might run out of formula, but I think he does much better with formula.

So anyhow with little sleep last night I am tired! Today my friend came over to craft and brought her little girl. It was fun to see her and Keegan flirt. Kamryn loved having another baby around although she got jealous when I went to take their pictures. She cried when they had to leave too!

Then I went grocery shopping. It's been a while and we don't have much to eat around here. Plus I had to get some cabbage to help with my milk problem (it might just be the best 89 cents I have spent recently!). Kade was the best kid I could ask for in the store (even though he managed to get a red light at school) Part of me would be fine with the red lights at school as long as he was as angelic as he was at the grocery store everyday at home! Of course I don't want to have the naughty kid in class though.  I am glad that most of the time he gets green lights. While at the store I was pushing a big cart with Kamryn and Keegan in it and Kade volunteered to push another cart that we put all the food in. He didn't complain once and didn't bother me to say, "Mom I want this toy! Mom I want this treat!"  We checked out and the cashier commented on how sweet and quiet all my kids were. She complained that she hated when people came to her line with screaming kids (hey, I've been there and it's not their fault!) Then we go out to the parking lot  and now Kade can't see because of all the stuff in the cart so I am pushing the food cart and pulling the cart with the kids in it and Kade has decided that he would like a ride after all that walking and hops on the cart too.  This had to look awesome! 

Some lady commented to her husband, "I remember those days!" Then she asked if I needed any help and I kindly refused (as I always do because I have a hard time accepting help). Then she said that I had great kids and then said jokingly, "Do you want me to take a picture to show your husband so he can pay you more? You are SuperMom!" I laughed. It would have been a funny picture though!

I just had to show Keegan's PJ's off (yes he is sitting by himself!). They used to be Kade's so that is why they wore out in the toes so fast!
 He loves his toes!

Yep, he is sitting up! (I haven't done his 6 month post yet, wating for the dr appt so I can get his stats!)



Shandi said...

I'm trying to dry up my milk too, it is very painful! I'm sitting w/ice packs as I type. :) I've tried the cabbage too, I haven't had much luck with it. Sudafed has seemed to help the most. I hope it hurries & dries up for both our sakes

sara and wade said...

those pics turned out cute! i didn't even look at em when you took em. our cute babes! it was fun to get together! and i love your grocery store experience! you are a super mom! :)

Jenny from the Blog said...

I love the picture of his toe sticking out!! Adorable!

Something I did when I was drying up and trying to feed Ramon was to sit him in my lap to eat. I would sit cross legged and then put his butt in the hole with his head by my hip. He loved to eat like that because he could look at me while he was eating and he didn't touch my chest. Benadryl and the cabbage and ice packs worked for me and I was dry in about a week.