Friday, December 31, 2010

We are home!

We made it home early this morning. It was a long crazy drive on the snowy roads in Utah.  Kamryn had a short nap at the begining and then woke up and stayed awake watching Barney until almost 3:30am! We drove through the night hoping that the kids would sleep. Keegan and Kade did great...Kamryn just didn't want to be in the car at ALL!  We were sad to have to leave our family. We weren't more than 3 miles away when Kade said, "I miss my Grandma and Grandpa!" We love them so much and are so glad they were able to put up with the WHOLE family!

Here are a few pictures that I didn't get to post of our stay there...

 Kamryn is happy at first on the car ride to Utah!
 Kade and Kamryn got to open an early Christmas present on the way there! Kamryn got a Barney movie (her favorite!)
 Kade got a new DS game, Mario VS Donkey Kong!

 Keegan enjoyed playing with the case!
 Kamryn is so hard to entertain in the car. All she wants to do is get out of that seat! So I let her play with pretty much whatever she wants! Including my old ipod!
 Cousin Daion holding Keegan!
 My parents horse dog Harley chasing CJ.

 Of course we couldn't miss any of the USU basketball games! Go Aggies! The boys were so excited to meet BIG BLUE (their mascot)!

We made a trip up to Malad to visit my Grandparents. Only my Mom. sister Ashley, Keegan and I went because the boys had colds and my Grandma Alder has had some health problems and we didn't want to spread the germs!  So here is Keegan with his great grandma Alder.  I forgot to bring the camera in when we visited Grandma Williams.

 Kade and Daion may have fought like brothers during the day but at night they slept like they were best friends!

 Daion, Kamryn and Kade watching Shrek. Kamryn wouldn't go anywhere without those necklaces! She only took them off to bathe and sleep!

When we got home Santa left a present for Kamryn at our house. He must have known we couldn't bring it back from Utah!


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Sher said...

looks like a great Christmas! props to doing a long drive with the kiddos!