Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Goals for 2011

It has been kind of nice not having to worry about blogging everyday. When something happens I catch myself thinking...Oh I could blog about that! I have thought about blogging a lot. I haven't had a lot of things go through my head of ideas or things I want to share. I forgot to put in an older post that Kade named his pillow pet after my sister Ashley. Anyways now that I have that documented onto what I really have been wanting to blog about.....

My goals for 2011!

I really have been having a hard time with setting these goals...partly because I want them to be realistic and achievable.  I went back and looked at last years goals and I only achieved 1 maybe 2 of them. I think I had too many things to work on and not enough motivation.

Goals for 2011
  • Be a better wife and mother.  I think sometimes I take my kids for granted and spend way too much time checking FB, blogger or just blogging in general.
  • My major thing this year is getting my food storage in order. That statement sounds completely wrong because I have no food storage, only what is already in my cupboards, which is not enough. So any helpful hints and advice on food storage would be greatly appreciated because I have a LONG way to go!
  • Work out more! With each baby I have kept 5 pounds and with my turn around time of getting pregnant that didn't do so well on the body! So with working out I hope to shed some of these pounds and by not getting pregnant again, hopefully I will continue to lose some weight and not gain?! I have had a hard time watching what I eat because for 3 years straight I was pregnant and watching what I ate was never a thought. I had reason to eat what I wanted when I wanted but now I am almost 7 months post pregnancy and no where near where I wanted to be.  So hopefully instead of sleeping in many mornings maybe I can gain some motivation and get off my booty and do something! Along with getting into shape I want to learn to love myself despite the negative things I see/think.  I have had a hard time with my body image and hopefully by doing things to improve it like exercising and trying to eat better I will see results and learn to love myself more and not be so hard on myself.
So those are the big ones for the year. There are some smaller goals I hope to accomplish that I have written down.

Happy New Year! I don't really like writing that. I think I could have kept going on with December forever. I loved having time off work visiting family, eating junk, playing games, having Ryan off work, hanging out with my parents and sisters. I loved having the Trees up and all the Christmas decorations out. I took them down yesterday and now the house feels empty in a way. The stores are empty of all the Christmas stuff and now are full of workout and diet stuff because everyone new years resolution is: Get in shape! Kind of like mine! ha! So sad and depressing. Maybe just to me because I love to eat....the problem is that I don't really like to eat healthy!

Oh well I can't stop time from moving on. I have the whole year to look forward to and all these goals to achieve so wish me luck!


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