Friday, January 7, 2011

Keegan's 7 Months

Today when I realized that Keegan was 7 months old  I had to look back on a year ago when Kamryn turned 7 months old.   I was also thinking that Keegan looks so much like Kooper. I still see Kooper in him as he gets bigger. Ryan thinks that Keegan and Kade look alot a like but I look at Keegan and see just a little bit of Kade. I think it's mostly his eyes.  He is such a smiley boy but can turn the scream on like no other. His cry sounds similar to Kamryn's. They play so cute together. Kamryn loves to feed him his bottle even though he can hold it himself.  I looked over at Kamryn and Keegan playing together and thought that they may not even be here yet if I hadn't lost Kooper (that's a whole other post that I might have to go on about another time.) Back on subject! We are so lucky to have Keegan in our life. He has such a sweet spirit. I love it when he is crying and the second I pick him up he quiets down and rests his head on my shoulder and holds tight to my arms like he never wants to let go! I could hold my kids all day if I didn't have other responsibilities!

He is growing so much and learning things everyday! He is seriously going to be crawling any day now...really any day and I am so nervous for that because between Kamryn and Kade the house is always scattered with toys and everything is going to be in his mouth and I am going to have to worry about dog food again! Luckily it didn't take Kamryn long to realize that dog food isn't good. It took Kade quite a bit longer!  I don't know if it's a boy thing but I am hoping that we won't have that problem with Keegan.

He loves to eat and has loved all the baby foods so far!

Today he was laying on his boppy drinking his bottle and I look down and he is sitting up. He must be getting some abs of steel under all those rolls! He is so attentive and locks eyes with you and as soon as you lock eyes he has the biggest smile ready! He is such a flirt and always knows when the ladies talk to him what to do. He will smile..babble a little or giggle! I gotta keep my eye on Ryan when we go places together and I leave him alone...that little boy is a babe magnet! haha
He is saying Dadadada and Mamamam yet. I keep trying though!

 Do you think they look alike?
We love you Keegan!

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Teri said...

is he sitting up good.. we so need to do some pictures!!! whatcha doing this week?? am?? call me!!