Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Last week I got an e-mail from my mother-in-law about a plant I received when Kooper passed away. I had completely forgotten about it until she sent me this e-mail.  The plants she refers to (the ones I kept) are dead. That is how much of a green thumb I have. I am mostly blaming it on the fact that in the summer of 2009 while we were in Utah on vacation we turned the A/C off and when we got home our house was 100 degrees inside and all our plants were dead! That is exactly why I don't have any live plants in my house!

I thought I should write this to you because it happened in my life at one of the times I needed it the most.  I've been pampering Kooper's peace plant since I brought it back from Arizona after Kooper's funeral. You gave it to me cause you had 3 of them and wasn't sure if you would be able to keep them alive. I  almost lost it on the way back from Arizona cause of the heat and the hot sun hitting it in the back of the car. So it did make it from Arizona to Montana in the heat of July.  I replanted it in a bigger pot probably a year after I got it. It never bloomed so I figured it was root bound. I almost lost it a few timesespecially during the insurance construction of our house the months of September through the middle of November 2010. We weren't living here so I would forgetto water it. In November I noticed it was getting new leaves.  Leaves I thought because they were so big. Well it turned out to be 4 blooms, not just little blooms, 4 big blooms.  It bloom's has lasted throughout December and into January. I watered it today and the 4 blooms are as pretty as the first
day. What is weird is that 3 blooms are on top standing straight up. The 4th bloom is lower and seems like it is reaching out because we brush against it every time we pass it. KC the 95 pound moose (her dog)  sniffs it every time he passes it and he makes sure to move away from it when he wags his tail.

it gave me 4 blooms.  It's a special plant and I think of Kooper every time I walk past. I'm glad you gave it to me, I thank you for that living blooming plant. Kooper lives in all of us especially you and Ryan.  Thank you for giving me the plant.
We love and miss you so much.
Love Mom Anita


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