Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New Flowers

Ryan has Mondays off and for the last month or so I have had Sunday nights off so we are actually able to spend some time together on Mondays. After Christmas we went and got Kooper's tree from the cemetery so they wouldn't throw it away. Unfortunately I hadn't picked up any new flowers before we went and it was a Sunday so I wasn't going to stop at Michael's to pick some new ones up. So I decided on Monday to go put new flowers in Kooper's vase. So we stopped at Michael's and they had their Valentines decorations out so I got a cute little wooden heart, new flowers and a cool blue pinwheel flower too. Keegan loved to watch the pinwheel flower spin in the wind. It was kind of a spur of the moment idea after we got into the car so we had no camera (thanks to cell phones with cameras I was able to take a picture) and we forgot the cleaning stuff to clean off his headstone. But I was glad I was able to do it so I didn't feel like a bad mom! That sounds kind of weird. But there aren't a lot of physical things I can do for Kooper anymore.


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