Friday, January 14, 2011

Where did five dollars go??

Earlier this week 5 dollars went missing from the counter. Ryan and I didn't take it. That leaves one little boy! Well this little boy kept saying he didn't know where it was and that he didn't take it.

I knew eventually the 5 dollars would show up. I should have checked the pockets before I did laundry...

Today while I was waiting in the long line to pick Kade up from school I was thinking about the note from the PTA about the smencils they were selling. I memory popped into my head....

*Warning* I am retelling this from when I heard it a while ago so don't hold me accountable to any information that was not correct. I have had four kids and my memory is horrible!

When Ryan was in about second grade his Mom collected rent for an apartment complex. Well one day he decided to take some of the money. (I am not sure where it was kept the money) He took about 200 dollars and bought chums (do you even remember what the heck there were?) from Amanda Jones. Yes, he bought 200 dollars worth. I guess her Dad sold them or something. Well he then began to hand these out to whomever. If he was really smart he would have charged them money for them! But Ryan is a nice guy and he still is today a nice guy. He is a GIVER!

So anyways that thought popped into my head and I thought wouldn't it be funny if Kade came home from school with smencils.

Earlier tonight Kade comes running up to me with FIVE smencils. "Look Mom! Look what I got at school!" and then the questioning began. He found the money in his pants (this is why I should have checked his pockets when I did laundry.) When I asked him how it got into his pants he said, Maybe it crawled into my pocked all by itself! He then admitted that it must have been the money off the counter!

Here is the confession...Don't mind my messy house!


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Jenny from the Blog said...

Priceless!!! I love your tone at the end when he asked you what it smelled like..."i don't know..."

Gotta love em!