Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Keegan's 5 months and Kamryn's 16 1/2 months

Keegan is getting sooo big and so are his poops! In the past week I would say he has had 3 blowouts! So right before we had to get Kade from school today I pick him up out of the swing, (he isn't even crying) and it is all up his back! So he had a quick bath before we left to get Kade. He is getting so big. I measured him yesterday and he is just over  27 inches long. He is getting chunkier too! Not sure how much he weighs...we will have to see one we hook our Wii up. He always wants to sit up so he is working on his abs! Whenever he is laying on his back he is doing mini crunches trying to see what's going on. Soon after he rolls over to get a better view of the world.  He is my smiley boy and always has a big smile for everyone. He has the cutest giggle too. He still has those blue eyes and no teeth.  He has tried rice cereal a few times. Not yet interested in the food area right now.  He loves his siblings, they always make him laugh.  He likes to do baby babble. He is wearing 6-12 and 9-12 month clothes. the 3-6 barely fit but look pretty bad!  He has been sleeping most of the night in his crib and he can goto sleep by himself. sometimes he just cries for the first 5 minutes but he goes to sleep! I am so thankful that he slept alot today since I had to work last night. I was able to take a couple naps. I am sure my kids appreciate it more than I did. I wasn't the wicked witch of the west today!

So yesterday Kamryn had a 15 16 1/2month appointment! I am such a great Mom that I totally forgot that there was a 15 month checkup! All is good, she weights 25 1/2 pounds (75%) She is 32 1/4" long (75%) and she has a big head! She had 2 shots and didn't even cry! She is a brave girl! Today there was a commercial with football on and she said, Da Da (she knows what Daddy likes to watch!)! Then she had the baseball bat and ball in her hand and was running around saying Ba-ball (baseball). She loves her baby and likes to take care of her dolls and be just like her Mama.  She is such a sweetie and we love her so much!


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