Sunday, November 28, 2010


Yesterday Kade coming running out of my bathroom with a tampon....apparently he asked Ryan, "Dad, what's this for?" Ryan's response..."I have no clue, go ask your mom." So I am in a little shock and I say, "It's for older girls." Kade with a serious look on his face nods and says, "Okay." He runs back in the bathroom and I hear him say to Ryan, "Mom said, it's for older girls."

I was so happy that the questions stopped there. I am grateful for the advice I have read about when kids ask those types of questions not to go into to much detail sometimes the simplest answer is all they need or want to know.

It also gave me a GREAT laugh for the day. Kids are so silly!

During Thanksgiving dinner Kade said, "I am thankful for my brothers....but not my sister!"  We talked about how mean that was and how she is so nice and shares everything with him. We know he loves her and is thankful for her.  He knows it too. I think sometimes he just likes to be the mean older brother!


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Christy said...

Haha! I have luckily avoided that question so far. Hopefully for a while to come. :)