Monday, November 8, 2010

Oh boy!

I have been feeling like a crappy mom lately. I love to just sit with my kids and tickle them and make them laugh and it's great but I need to do more.

 Last week someone mentioned a 15 month doctor appointment to me... Kamryn turns 17 months in a few weeks. I said to them, "A 15 month check-up? they have those?...I thought the next one was 18 months..." Boy am I on top of things.  Then the other night I was looking at Kade and Kooper's scrapbook with the kids and I started to feel really bad that I haven't even started Kamryn or Keegan's.  And now here I am 2 days after Keegan's 5 month mark and still haven't even done the 5 month mark post....simply because I haven't taken a picture of him. So that is on the agenda for tomorrow if I actually make it through the day...It's going to be tough after working and all nighter. Ryan has to be in the office early so I might get an hour of sleep. Not looking forward to it! I feel sorry for my kids tomorrow. They get to deal with the mean grouchy mom that didn't get any sleep!

I love my kids and I guess they will live...even if they never get a scrapbook...which I think I will eventually have motivation to start and finish one for each of day!


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Marissa said...

Well if it makes you feel any better Sean is 5 1/2 and I haven't done his scrapbook yet? Its hard to find time - you are doing more for your kids by being there for them than by spending hours cutting and pasting while they run around unsupervized! As long as they know you love them - that is what is important. You're doing great!