Wednesday, November 24, 2010


This afternoon I had an eye doctors appointment. Kade doesn't like going to any kind of doctor so I decided to take him along with me in case he gets my genes and needs glasses one day. That way he will know what to expect and won't be scared.  After I found out that I am getting blinder I had my glasses adjusted and the screws tightened.  While we were waiting I decided to entertain Kade with trying on kids glasses. He was loving it and already has a few picked out that he insist he wants for his birthday (which he most definitely will not be getting unless he ends up NEEDING them). Which hopefully he won't and he will have perfect vision like his daddy!

I took a few pictures of him with my phone

Don't you just love his shirt??? Yes it's on backwards. I picked him up from school and it was like that. He thought it was cool....


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