Saturday, November 13, 2010


Tonight it really happened.  Kamryn hugged Keegan and she wanted to hold him. I never thought the day would come!  Not too long ago she kissed him and has wanted to give him kisses but just recently when we had our family pictures we tried to stick Keegan in front of her and she pushed him away and screamed a little. Well tonight after she puckered up and gave him a kiss she sat down and I jokingly handed Keegan to her and she reached her arms out to take him!   And she hugged him. Now he didn't really like this but she loved it! I sat him in front of her and she wrapped her arms around him and gave him a nice squeeze.
A little bit later she walked into the living room with 2 of her baby dolls, one in each arm. One pig tail elastic was half out and the other was completely out.  She walked in and sat down by me and I saw myself in her. One tired mama with her hair all a mess carrying two babies! Although she is getting bigger and doesn't want to be held all the time anymore (just every once in a while). She is usually very happy to walk if you let her.

She is so kind and sharing.  It makes me love having the two of them so close. Kade was so spoiled that it was a little harder for him to share. Daycare helped, but when it came to his own toys it took a little convincing. Kamryn shares with everyone, even the dog. I think he has been getting half of everything she eats lately. Such a nice sweet girl! Love her to pieces!

(I was going to post some cute pictures of her from out family photo shoot but they were uploading sideways :( I don't have time to mess with it now. I will have to try later.)


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sara and wade said...

hello friend!!! long time no talk... i miss ya. i love the new background and i'm always impressed that you've kept up with your goal! you're almost done! i can't believe how much these two are growing... kamryn is such a sweetie. i love that she's finally showing some love to sweet keegan! call me! its time to get together and do something crafty again! :)