Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Feeling accomplished...what's next?

Time for another blog post...I am looking forward to this year being over...although I look back on all that I have accomplished with this blog and blogging everyday for a year and it makes me happy that I will be able to read it later on and actually remember it. My memory isn't that great...that's another post though and I totally blame that on motherhood!  I also look to the new year and think, If I can do this every day for a whole year...I can do anything!  It is really now I am on to thinking of what next year's challenge will be (scrapbooking, being healthier in eating/exercise)...lots to think about.   I think of how I am not going to blog everyday and in a way it makes me a little sad because then I won't get to reflect back on all those random nothingness days or I won't post random things because I think it's lame or boring so i just won't post at all. Alot of my posts would never have been on this blog if I didn't have this goal for myself.  Including this one.  So no I won't be blogging everyday next  year but hopefully blogging so much this year will only make me miss it next year and I will blog frequently! I can only hope right?



Sher said...

that's pretty amazing you posted everyday! it will definitely be neat to look back and read. I bet you can conquer your next challenge whatever it may be! ;)

Jenny from the Blog said...

I think you should keep posting everyday because you know as well as I do how our Mommy Brains work...I forget a lot of things too.

Just my two cents and now I'm broke! LOL!

I've enjoyed reading your posts for nothing other than to know that I am not the only one that forgets things, doesn't feel like changing out of my PJs, and hates housework...