Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Grandma's here!

We are so happy to have Grandma Keren here for Thanksgiving! The kids are having a great time! I am so glad that she was able to come down and miss the huge snow storm in Utah! 

On another note today after picking my Mom up from the airport we stopped at a mall to let Kamryn play in the play area while I fed Keegan.  I sat down and started feeding Keegan and the lady sitting close to me yelled to her son, "Cooper, be careful!" The little boy was across the play area (actually standing by my Mom who was with Kamryn).  He was a cute little dark haired boy. I started talking to his mom. I asked if she spelled his name with a C or K. She said with a C although she was so close to spelling it with a K but her husband didn't like it with a K.  She immediately asked if Keegan's name was Kooper. I said no and told her that I had a son named Kooper that passed away. She went on to apologize for my loss and asked how old he would be. I told her almost 2 1/2. Her little boy was almost 2.  We talked for a little bit longer. I like to see cute little boys especially with my favorite name. I wish Kooper would have been there to play with the other Cooper. I love those little reminders of him.

I am excited to put his little tree up at the cemetery and the big tree up in our house!


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