Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I am not sure what is better...

So in the past I have talked about how I felt a little cheated because the thought or chance of losing your baby once you reach that point in your pregnancy where if they were born they would just need a little stay in the NICU point never crossed my mind. No on ever talked about that possibility and of course the doctor never mentioned it or he would have some freaked out moms! I was always mad that I didn't even realize it was in the realm of possibilities and I felt like people should know...IT COULD HAPPEN TO YOU.  But while talking to a friend of mine and also from my own experience it is so hard on the mom when they realize it could happen to them.  The worry once you realize never stops. You are constantly thinking of how is the baby and panic when they were quieter than normal. The heaviness and responsibility weighs heavier on you and the naive bliss of thinking that nothing bad will ever happen and my baby will be perfect and it's all wonderful seem so far away.  I wish that pregnancy was like that for me and those close to me. Those that realize that it could happen to them or to anyone. We never know what God has in store. I don't know what is better worrying all the time  realizing that it is a small possibility, or being naive and then get slapped in the face and have your heart stomped on when you hear that your baby has died. I think I will go with the first one...personally.  I think what we have to remember is we can only do so much and God has to handle the rest and we just have trust and have faith in the Lord. He is the almighty one and we never know what his plan is for us.

So to all my friends and loved ones who are pregnant....don't worry (I know you will) just pray to your Heavenly Father for comfort when you are scared or overwhelmed. Turn to him in your time of need. Faith is what got me through two pregnancies after Kooper. I KNOW he will be there for you too if you just turn to him. (I will be here for you too, you can call me anytime!)



Christy said...

I was really worried during Declan's pregnancy. I think that helped me because I felt I was somewhat prepared. (sort of)

I run outside. We should go running together sometime. :) I'm running a 5k soon if you are interested.

Our Family said...

Thank you. I needed that today. I have been a wreck. I never dreamed I would be so nervous all the time. I am only 19 weeks and I am mentally tired.