Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Short one...

I have been trying to blog all night...but Keegan is not letting  it happen. I am not sure what's wrong. I think his tummy is bothering him, poor baby! Can't get comfortable, can't stop bouncing or patting so it's a short one tonight! Hopefully he starts feeling better, I hate to see my kids in pain or sad. Makes my heart hurt!

I started uploading some pictures of some home decor things I wish I had... they are my loves/wants lately.
I LOVE this rug...

 I wish I had this table. I was searching Google images and it was on craigslist in WA for only $175! If I lived there I would so buy it!
Love these bar stools!

I am sure I could add lots more to that list. Off I am to bounce the baby!

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