Saturday, November 20, 2010

Ear infection...I think NOT!

So many might think if they had a baby question...ask Kami, she's had a million babies...right?  Well I am sure that after talking to the doctor today, she thought I must be a first time mom.  Keegan was up crying all night again...

Screaming I tell you, especially while lying down flat. I could tell he was in pain but I wasn't sure why.  He had this horrible runny nose so immediately I thought, he must have an ear infection, or the begining of one.  So I call the doctors office first thing this morning to get him checked out.

The doctor walks in and Keegan gives her a nice big smile (If you have met him you know that smile because he gives it to EVERYONE!) and she already knows why Mr. Keegan has been crying all night....He is getting teeth!  His gums are swollen on the bottom. She asks further questions... he has had looser stools than normal and his ears are PERFECT!  Wasn't I just trying to figure out what was up with those rosy cheeks? Yes the little guy is teething and I guess I am a brainless mom! 

I guess in the back of my head I was thinking he was still too young to teeth.  But no he isn't.  He is growing up too fast on me. It seems like he is developing 10 times faster than Kamryn and Kade (He by the way weights just over 18 pounds!).  Maybe it's because I am planning on him being our last...for now. I am not making any promises. But I am pretty sure I will stick to it.  So I think it is bittersweet as he reaches new milestones. I guess I thought he would be more like Kamryn and not get his first tooth until he is 1. It better not take that long though. I don't know how long I can handle a cranky baby at night. Kamryn has been dealing with the same thing...she is getting 2 molars right now! Not a happy camper either!

 Just took this when I sat down to blog. The cover for the swing is in the blankets will have to do! He loves to nuzzle up with a warm blankie! Scares me sometimes though. The blanket he is wrapped up in (the red checked/train one) is actually one my Mom had made for Kooper. I just pulled it out of the drawer today for Keegan to use. I have kept some of Kooper's other blankets that I had him wrapped in at the hospital and one that I took to the hospital but he never got to use.  I didn't want this one to go to waste...maybe it will become a favorite of his and I will have a sweet story to tell him about it.

 Rolling around in his crib while I try and put some things away in his room. I know, I know it's a girls crib sheet on his bed. Honestly I haven't found one to match yet...but lets be real honest here. I have only looked at Target.

He is our first little guy to make his way out of the bouncy seat without any help. I better start buckling him in!


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