Friday, October 1, 2010

Challenge Day 4

We are moved! Well for the most part. We still have things at the old house that we will get together soon. It was such a long, long, exhausting day! It feels like it was yesterday it was lo long.  I am glad to be done for the most part, now the dreaded unpacking will start and eventually everything will get put in it's place. I had help from two lovely ladies, (Lori and Sara) and lots of big strong guys from church (thank you ladies for sacrificing your husbands for a few hours!) to lifet all the heavy stuff!  I am so grateful!

So onto the challenge! What you imagine paradise to be like:

Right now at this second I imagine paradise sitting on a beach having a massage reading my favorite book and drinking a nice cold glass of diet coke surrounded by my family and friends....I am too tried to go into any more detail than that!


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