Thursday, October 7, 2010

Keegan's 4 months old!

*I am going to have to update with pictures tomorrow...the camera battery was dead today*

My little guy is 4 months old today. Time is going by so fast yet so slow as usual. It always seems like things just happened yesterday, yet it is hard to remember life without him.  He is growing so much! He is not a very happy boy today because he went to the doctor. I am one of those moms that likes to have their appointment right on time. Most of Kamryn's "month" appointments are within a day of when she actual turns whatever month. I was nice enough to take her for her 1 year check up on her birthday! I am that kind of mom! haha.  I think i remember I would put it off with Kade and now his yearly appointment is off and because of insurance reasons he has to stick with a year from his last appointment so he gets to see the doctor when he is 5 and a half!  Anyhow back to mister Keegan.

He is 16 pound 6 ounces (75%) and 27" long (95%)!  I looked back at Kamryn's stats from my blog post about a year ago and she weighed a pound less and was 2 inches shorter.  I have a feeling Keegan is going to be taller than her sooner rather than later! I might have a basketball player on my hands!  He is such a sweet little boy. Always giving me a smile. He was laughing at the nurse today, until she stuck him in the leg 4 times!  Kamryn cried at his doctors appointment more than he did. She didn't like the doctor, especially when he put his hands on her little brother.  She wanted to protect him!

Keegan is cooing and talking alot, smiling and laughing. His sleep has gotten worse. He loves our mattress and will sleep on our bed really well by himself. Once he is laid on a much firmer mattress he wakes up and isn't too happy.  I need to work on naps in his crib more so he can get used to the hard crib mattress.  He is rolling from his front to his back  and tries really hard to roll from his back to his front. He is a super wiggly baby. He scoots around on the floor and makes his way off blankets. He loves the TV.  He is getting tough. He has no choice. Kamryn is a tough girl and seems to think he needs smacked on the head every once in a while.  I know she isn't trying to hurt him or maybe she is. Yesterday she threw her sippy cup and it hit him on his head...poor boy! I am sure he will be fine. I was dropped on my head by my older sister when I was younger and I didn't turn out too bad. He lifts his head off the carseat and reaches for the toy hanging down and brings it to his mouth to suck on. His favorite thing lately is bringing up his hands with a blanket or toy and sucking on them and then he ends up falling asleep. Today he gave himself a hickey on his wrist. 

He has a weird rash on the back for his head so we are going to the dermatologist on Monday to get it checked out.  He still has an enlarged lymph node under his armpit which is still the same size and is unchanged so they are just watching it still. 

He is growing up too fast....time for more of the 6-9 month clothes and before I know it he will be in 9-12! Yikes! He is growing too fast!


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Jenny from the Blog said...

When Juanito was born, Brianna did everything she could to hurt him on purpose. One time I walked in and she had him on top of the dresser just sitting there...he was like 9 months old! She wonders why he doesn't like her now. LOL!

And I have a friend that is selling a bunch of 6-9 month clothes if you want to look into them. They had twin boys so there is 2 of everything!

They grow up way too fast!