Saturday, October 9, 2010

Silly Kids!

A few pictures of our night.The kids were crazy tonight and I got me laughing so hard my stomach started to hurt. Kade was scaring Kamryn and Kamryn was running around screaming and laughing. Ryan  and I couldn't hear each other so we all just laughed. It is going to be crazy when we have the three of them all screaming and laughing!

Earlier we went to the cemetery to drop off some Halloween decorations for Kooper.

We love and miss you Kooper!


TheBurninghams said...

I'm super in love with your kiddos and their jammies!!! It looks like you had a house full of fun today. I'm glad you got to visit Kooper today. I really want to go soon and take a picture of sarajane by her kooper.

Sarah said...

Cute pictures! I love Keegan's outfit. So cute.