Monday, October 25, 2010

Keegan's Baby Blessing

Yesterday as such a special day. Ryan blessed Keegan at our house after church.  We had some close friends there for the special day.  Keegan looked so handsome.  It is really hard to find blessing outfits for boys (I think so anyway). I fell in love with the blessing outfit that we buried Kooper in so after Keegan was born I knew what outfit I wanted for Keegan.  So a month or so ago I went to Mesa to get the blessing outfit and good thing I have a huge little boy because they only had one left and they wouldn't be getting anymore in because the manufacture wasn't making it anymore.  I was so grateful. Keegan was so handsome and Ryan did such a beautiful blessing!



Shandi said...

What a cute little family! I love the picture of keegan grinning in the chair, so cute

Teri said...

Keegan is just so chubby and cute!!!