Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Un-Challenge Day 8

Challenge Day 8

Someone who you think would make a good president.  Wow, I would rather not answer this one right now.  LAME. I don't even want to go there.  So I'm not. Skip this challenge day. 

Here is the question of the day. Who puts an offer on your house and then decides to back out once it is finally approved months later? Who does that? Why not back out a few months ago??? So if you are looking for a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom plus a den house we are selling ours!  

I am finally getting a little more settled in our new house. It is alot of work and I am telling you right now that I hate moving.  The last time we moved it was just us and Kade. Ever since Ryan and I got married we moved every 1-2 years to a new apartment until we bought our first home.  Well moving 3 kids is not fun! The unpacking part is definitely not fun.  I don't want to move again (did I say that already?) If I do ever move I think I might just sell everything and start over new because packing and unpacking and sifting through all the junk that you have collected over the years is not fun. Of course I would have to be rich to do that.

Busy day tomorrow, I should get some sleep. 


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amyraye said...

ugh. sorry your house sale fell through.
wish i lived closer to help you unpack. i actually love that sort of thing. love to get rid of stuff. just not right now. :)

you should totally consider coming up here for our annual scrapbook convention next november. it would be super fun to meet you and our scrapbook weekend is always loads of fun! anyway, something to think about.