Friday, October 8, 2010

What a day!

Last night was a loooonnng night! Keegan was not a happy camper due to the shots from the day before along a newly developed cold. Kamryn kept waking up because she now has a cold too or her teeth were bothering her. So I was up by 6:30 for the day which is unusual for me lately.  I ended up working out. I started the couch to 5k program on my itouch.  It felt really great,

Kade is off school today and Monday for fall break! (I don't think I ever got out of school for fall break?!)

Kamryn is now signing "please" and "Thank you!" and I love it!

So today was CRAZY! It was all good when the kids were all asleep. We ate lunch and headed out. I was going to go to run some errands first on the list, Target.  Before I got to Target Keegan had a I went into Target with a half naked baby.  I totally forgot what I needed to get at Target and ended up walking out with a new shirt for Keegan.  Then I ran a few more errands and I am in line at the bank and Kade starts freaking out because Keegan pooped and it stunk. Luckily I changed it before it was able to leak out. It was ALOT!  Then Kamryn got picked on at the mall and on top of it all she has been a cranky girl all day. BUSY, BUSY day! All I really wanted to do was make monster cookies and that never happened.  Maybe tomorrow?!

Here are a few pictures of the kids in matching PJ's. I bought Keegan some about a month ago for his Halloween costume and I had Kade's old one from his second Halloween (those are the ones Kamryn is wearing in the picture) and then Kade got jealous and while we were at the mall today he found some his size, so he was a happy camper!



amyraye said...

i love those pajamas! where'd you find them?

Kami said...

The PJ's are from Gymboree.