Saturday, October 23, 2010

Crazy Saturday!

We have had a busy, busy day! First off we woke up and had everybody picture ready by 9:00am. We had our family pictures taken by Teri (click on her name to go to her photography blog and see a few pictures from today!)

Then we headed to Walmart to get treats for Kade's soccer game. There were only 6 out of 10 of the players there so Kade had to play most of the game, which is kind of hard for a 5 year old.  They were all hot and tired!

The other team had their names printed on their shirts and this little boy's name is Kade too! Kade was too shy to talk to him but he asked me to take his picture... (this is how your picture turns out when you are trying to snap pictures while holding a 4 month old!

Now we are trying to clean up the house because tomorrow afternoon we have people coming over for Keegan's baby blessing!


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Christy said...

Cute pictures Kami! You kids are so adorable. I wish I had signed Bryce up for soccer this year. I bet Kade loves it.