Monday, October 4, 2010

Challenge Day 7

Today's challenge is your favorite cover of your favorite song.  Well I love to listen to music, especially when the words lift me up or I can relate to them, but honestly I don't have a favorite song. I don't know who sings what or anything like that. I am not someone who can name off all the singers that got together to do one song. I can barely name who sang a song by them self. I honestly don't pay attention to it. I think the last time I downloaded music from itunes was for Kooper's funeral. I wanted piano music and found some wonderful music by Paul Cardell. So there you go.

So instead of answering that question I will leave you with a picture from today.

Who would actually buy this chair??? No wonder it was in the clearance section at Sam's Club?!


1 comment:

Jenny from the Blog said...

Isn't that chair ridiculous!? I saw it there too and thought, I could prolly curl up with all my kids in it!