Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Random stuff

So last night I went grocery shopping this was my bill: Spent $75.00 and saved $71.00! That always make you feel good!

I took Keegan to the dermatologist because the doctor isn't sure what the rash is on the back of his head. She says it is just really bad cradle cap (which I don't agree because of it's pattern. Not that I know anything about dermatology). So we are trying a prescribed cream for a month to see if it helps. He was flirting with all the girls in the office batting his big bright blue eyes and his big smile. Already a ladies man! On a bad note he did 4 huge poops yesterday...and then this morning. Luckily I heard them come out or else we could have had 5 major disasters (actually one of them was and I had even rushed him into get changed and it was already coming out the top!) Sorry if it's a little TMI. I think he is my poopiest kid yet!

Cooking in a new oven is different! I decided to make the monster cookies I have been craving forever and I undercooked the first batch then I forgot about the second batch (I used the wrong timer) and burnt those....so I only got 2 dozen out of all that work!

Also I am cooking dinner tonight for one of the ladies I visit teach in my ward and I have no clue what to make her family. NO CLUE! They have lots of younger kids....I am so clueless I can barely think of what to cook for my own family because Kade is so picky (wonder where he gets that from?). I think of something and then I think of Kade and I second guess myself as to if a kid would eat it.

I have got to get off the computer and actually get dressed and fix my hair before the kids wake up from their nap. Which is probably any second! Yep, Kamryn's up!

Last but not least I just bought tickets to Lanee's Legacy Pancake Breakfast. This is to raise money for these cute boxes that get put together to be sent to hospitals to give to Mother's who lose their babies. Such a neat thing. The hospital I was at didn't have much of anything. So I think this is a great cause. If you are in the Phoenix area you should come!


Now they are both awake!

Gotta go!


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