Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I cannot beleive it!

Now that's a first for the year. I missed a day. I don't know if anyone else noticed but I didn't blog yesterday! It wasn't on purpose either. Usually if I almost forget when I go to bed I remember and then have to drag myself out of bed and come up with something.  Last night was different. I was asked to work Monday night on Monday morning so I tried to sleep as much as a could although I didn't get much. Then on Tuesday Ryan had to go to work so I only got to sleep for a few hours.  So basically once I had the kids in bed I laid down and was OUT! Ryan came home from work and I said, "Sorry the house is a mess!" It was so messy that I couldn't even describe it.  I guess I laid back down and I was gone!  I woke up this morning and didn't even realize that I didn't do my blog post until about 10:00am.  So there you go.  I have such a wonderful husband that cleaned up the house when he got home from a long day of work. I walked out of my bedroom to a clean house!

So this is not going to happen again. If it counts, yesterday I added a page to my blog, which has Kooper's Story (the short version that was posted on Lanee's Legacy) for anyone that wants to read it. I don't think I ever told the story but only talked about different parts of it in my blog posts.

On another topic I  bought a crock pot today for anyone that wants to send me a good recipe. Keep in mind I am a picky eater so no weird stuff, okay!?


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Christine said...

Oh I have tons of wonderful crocpot recipes!!! I'll email you a few of my favorites this weekend that are kid friendly :)