Sunday, October 3, 2010

Challenge Day 6 - Earliest Memory

Today's challenge is the earliest thing you can remember.  That is hard because sometimes I don't know if I can remember things because I have seen them in pictures or if I remember it just from memory.
So I am going to go off of memory that comes to mind. Probably not my earliest memory but one that I can think of right now.  For my 4th or 5th birthday. It was a cold spring and for my birthday we went snowmobiling (in APRIL!).  I remember coming home and I had got some cool Barbie roller skates! I remember going up and down the street and eventually biffing it. I loved those roller skates, especially the Barbie on them! I googled Barbie roller skates and I found a picture of them! Oh the memories! Here they are! I want them, but I wouldn't pay that much for them!


1 comment:

Ryan said...

Nice memory babe! That Barbie looks like she should be Ronald McDonald's wife. I'm kind of freaked out at the fact that they put hair on a roller skate. Did it really make it look more realistic...Haha!