Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Real Me!

So I found this blog challenge on a couple of fellow bloggers blogs and I decided to do it. How real are you on your blog? Well if you look back on the things I blog about like your child almost starting the house on fire, or the horrible word/name that your child picked up from you. Those are not things people want to reveal. I pretty much put it all out there. There are some things I don't blog about, like when my husband makes me mad or when a friend or co-worker or someone I know really bothers me, only because I know that it would hurt their feelings. There was a time that I called someone out on my blog, I didn't know them personally. Didn't even know if they read my blog. But it was something I truly believed in and stood up for.

This blog is for me. It is for my journaling of our life and to share what we are doing with our family that is spread across the US. It's also for angel mommy's out there that just want to read about other moms that have lost a baby, but mostly so that I can look back on the memories. And just in case I never scrapbook again (it's been a very long time). I have this to look back on!

Part 1
The first part of the assignment is to post a picture of yourself without make-up. Not a hard thing for me to find! Half the time I don't have enough make-up on to hide a zit or any blemishes. Many times you will find me without mascara...the truth is that I hate removing it at the end of the day. I am that lazy which leads to the second part of the assignment.

So I went this with one because honestly I couldn't find a picture that I don't have any makeup on. I found some that people would guess I didn't have make-up on but I actually did. So this is the last picture I have of me without makeup on.

Part 2

Revealing your true self, the things most people wouldn't put on their blog. Like I am lazy. I hate to clean although it drives me nuts to have a dirty house I have no problem taking a nap or going to bed with it a mess. I would rather blog, or read a good book, or find an excuse not to. For example right now I really need to fix lunch, do the dishes, and do some house cleaning, but I am blogging! The one thing that keeps me cleaning though is my very slightly OCD husband (I know, it's not about him, this is about me.) who must have the counter tops clear and clean!

If you dropped by my house without any notification or anytime right before Ryan is expected to come home you will find my counter tops dirty, toys scattered across the living room and random toys throughout the house. Piles of folded clothes on the couch because I am too lazy to actually put them away. Unorganized drawers and cupboards, and me without make-up in sweats. Yes, it's true. I only get dressed in Regular clothes and put on make-up to leave the house. As soon as I get home on goes my comfy pants. Especially being pregnant for the past 3 years this has become a habit, because comfy pants are a must if you are sitting at home. Also why dirty a pair of pants cleaning or watching TV or to have a baby spit up all over you or a child rub their orange cheetoed fingers on your shirt?

The funny thing is although that is the way I am....(lazy), I love to dress nicely and go out with my husband or friends. I love it when they house is clean and everything is neat and tidy and organized. I love to organize things. But the truth and the fact of the matter is, I'm lazy or would rather do something else.

Other things might be the fact that I cry pretty much every day. Sometimes it is over the sappy insurance commercial or sometimes it is over nothing. I am so emotional all the time. The littlest things bring back a memory or just hit me in a certain way that makes me miss Kooper. My sister Bree mentioned to me when she gave me the game Argue for Christmas that I have an opinion on everything. I never realized it until she said it, but I guess I do. So to everybody out there who thinks I am shy and quiet, although I am, if I know you well I will tell you my opinion on anything and everything.

That's the real me. I am working on the laziness part. It is truly a struggle for me. But I am working on it. Let me know if you have any tips!

Part 3
I am adding this to the end of the challenge. Go ahead ask me anything, any question(s) you want. You can even e-mail it to me. I will make a new post with all the questions and I will give you my REAL answer. I will only hold back if I know it will truly hurt someone.


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Ryan said...

I absolutely love who you are hunny and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Hey, do you think you can get those darn counters cleared off tonight...haha. Just kidding!