Thursday, January 21, 2010

What a day - updated....

So it's been raining for I don't know how long but all day so far. When I woke up at 3am because Kamryn was crying I heard the rain pounding down. Then when Kade woke up at 3:45 complaining that his ear hurt and that he couldn't hear it was still raining. It was horrible because he was just tossing and turning and finally at 4:30 I took him out to watch a movie because neither of us were getting any sleep. We ended up back in his bed by 6am and luckily he slept until almost 10! When he woke up he said his ears didn't hurt. I was calling the doctor anyway. I wasn't going through another night like that. When we got there sure enough he had an ear infection. I explained to the doctor how my son will not take medicine we hold him down and force it in his mouth and he spits it back out. So taking antibiotics for 7 days??? Yeah right! So she suggested a shot. I gave Kade the choice of a shot or medicine. He chose neither. He just cried and cried so I decided. I went with the shot and am so so so so so glad that I did.

So the doctor left and went to order the shot and have one of the nurses get it ready. While she was gone Kade and I talked about the shot and he then said he wanted medicine. I knew the medicine wasn't going to work out and I was pretty sure they had already got the shot already so we still went with it. Well Kade had a HUGE fit and screamed and kicked and I was trying to hold him down and the nurse turns to me and says, "I'm going to go get someone else because I know your pregnant and I don't want him to hurt you."

Okay right then and there what I wanted to say a few things. Number 1: I'm not pregnant. (even though I am but I wanted to make her feel like crap because I do have a little belly coming along but I see alot of girls that look alot like me and I'm pretty sure they aren't pregnant) Plus it is a rule unless you know for sure (which how in the heck would she have known. I haven't told anyone in that office) or it is VERY apparent you don't say something about someone being pregnant. Granted she was right, but still! There was a good chance I just still have baby weight from Kamryn. And number 2: I would know better than anyone if my son was going to hurt me.

Anyways all I'm saying is that lady either is psychic or has a lot of guts to tell someone she knows they are pregnant.

Back on the subject. I am glad I went with the shot. If I could pick for all of my kids I think I would go with the shot! It's 1 shot and I don't have to worry about going to the pharmacy wait a half hour or longer and then forgetting to give it to him or having to hold him down twice a day to force 2 teaspoons of nastiness in his mouth and hope he doesn't spit it in my face. I love the shot....of course it wasn't me getting a shot in my rear end, but honestly now that it's over he doesn't care and I don't have to fight with him!

One more thing...never had a doctor request this one before. She wants me to bring Kade back for a follow-up in two weeks to see if his ear infection cleared up....I didn't schedule anything because in the past four years they have never requested that....and if his ear still hurts and he has a fever of course there is a problem and I will bring him back, probably sooner than two weeks. I think that she just wants more money....some doctors. Please tell me if I'm wrong but that is what is sounds like to me.

Kade is worried that he wouldn't be able to go cuckie (his word for poop) with a bandaid on his rear end. When I took the bandaid off he exclaimed, "I can go cuckie now!" He was also worried that he wasn't going to be able to play with his friends because he couldn't run or walk fast enough. Well when the bandaid came off he walked super fast around the room and said, "I can walk fast like Dash (from the Incredibles)!"
All is well with the shots tonight!

Rain is still going at it and my muddy dirt backyard and our front walkway to our house are flooded...oh well at least it's not coming in the house. Hopefully one day we will be able to finish the backyard. Off to wash bottles....

Have a great RAINY day!


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Jenny from the Blog said...

You doctor always wants me to bring the kids back in after an ear infection. I don't usually do it unless they aren't getting better but that's within a few days. About the comment on you being pregnant...maybe she follows your blog? Anything's possible. And sometimes you just have to assume good intent. You should ask her next time you are in there how she knew. See what she says.